Shooting Order Does not "Stick"

Using iPad, IOS 15.2.1, Practiscore Version: 1.739
At the beginning of the first stage, shooter sort order is set to “Random”, I select “Edit Order” and move shooters as needed, click “Done” and shoot the stage with no problem. Moving to stage two and my changes are now gone and shooters are shuffled to a completely different order. What am I doing wrong here?

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I’ll take a look at this.

We’ve been having the same problem.

It took me a bit to change the OS on my tablet to one close to what you are using. (IOS 15.3)
I have run multiple tests, both on uspsa and idpa and at no time did the sort order change from stage to stage. I started with shooters 0,2,3. Then moved them to 3,0,2. It never changed on any match type.
Is it possible that you are looking at the sort drop down again and hitting the reshuffle button?
There is no real reason I can duplicate that is changing the sort order without doing it by a button press. Se my three stage screens below.
If you want I can look at your match file and see if it happens on my tablet. You can email the .psc file directly to me at [email protected]

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