Shooting discounts for club members

As our 2022 season gets underway, we were planning to offer tiered pricing for our USPSA matches. Club members would get a discount, while non-club members would pay full price. Our sportsman’s club membership is managed by the broader club and I was planning to mirror the broader club members into our Practiscore club (PIPS), approving or rejecting/deleting membership from PIPS as the club membership changes over time. The annual membership fee in Practiscore is set to $0 and the date is set to “annual static” without a date specified. I can approve or deny applications for membership correctly and it works great in that people approved in PIPS get a discounted match price while people not in PIPS get the full price.

However, as time goes on and if members let their membership go, I was planning to simply Delete their record from the membership. The delete seems to work since they come off the Manage Members list but the user can simply re-apply and get right back into the club with no opportunity for me to Accept or Reject their new membership request.

Is this broken or am I using this wrong? Is there some other way I can achieve my end goal of automatic tiered pricing for members vs non-members?

Actually, its not the first time I posted–it was just under my other (club MD) PS userid.

The bottom line is people don’t appear to delete completely from the club. After I delete them from the club, they can rejoin again and I never get a chance to approve/reject. Instead upon their request, they are automatically added and get the discount (which they should no longer be entitled to). I assume this is a bug. If it is not, how can I alter this behavior to delete them and force another approve/reject opportunity upon another request?

I replied to you directly via email and will follow up a little later this evening.