Shooting a Stage Twice with Different Division

Hi PS Legends,

I’m trying to score a regular combined services shoot for my club. The match is a service style match run where shooters will shoot the same stage twice, each with 1 of 2 different pistols setup as separate divisions in PS (Class 1 is military issue and Class 2 is Police issue).

I can setup the match and stage no worries using the NRA points scoring match type (simple points scoring). But I am stuck on how to setup the users to allow them to essentially shoot the stage “twice” for each of the 2 divisions.

Does PS allow you to switch a shooters division on the match/stage? Or, do I need to setup a completely different match for each Division. (the stages will be exactly the same).

Thanks for your help!

Hi there,
If it’s one shooter shooting two stages with two different kinds of guns what I would do is;
Create four stages stage 1 and stage 2 with gun A and stage 3 and stage 4 ( duplicate cof) with gun B.
Name them Class 1 stage 1, Class 1 stage 2, Class 2 stage 3, Class 2 stage 4.
If I’m understanding you right this would give you all four stages scored totally and equally.

Cheers DJ,

The only way I could find out how to do it was seperate matches per Class, as when registering a shooter, the assigned divisions are unchanged through all the stages (can’t find out where to switch per stage)

@iMick what DJ is suggesting is basically ignore the shooter’s division and have one registration for each shooter. That works if all your shooters are shooting the same 2 divisions.

If those divisions are different for everyone, you can have multiple registrations and then somehow aggregate results. For example, put the shooter name (again) into the team field and set max team results in the match settings to 2. Then the match team results will have your 2-gun results.