Shooters not showing under Shooters/Squad selection

I’m the Match Director for North Bristol Rimfire Challenge, Sunday, 9/13/20, was our registered match.
I’m using iPads for scoring, stage iPads are Mini-2’s, Master is Mini-4 and Master Backup is iPad 5th Gen.
When selecting ‘Shooters/Squad’, The master (Mini-4) and one stage iPad (mini-2) will not display the list of shooters, after the last line when displaying the Div/Cla/Catag/Settings. All iPads are on current iOS version and all are on Practiscore Ver. 1.728 (11). I had two other MD’s look at issue at club and neither could figure out why the shooters would not display. Got any ideas??

HI Tom.
If you are on the Shooters/Squad page.
Hit the Sort/filter option in the bottom left corner.
What is the sort choice. There are a number of options that could show no shooters.
The iPad I’m looking at now is showing by first name.

Let us know what you see. A screen shot is good too.


I tried everything, I ended up resetting 2 iPads back to factory settings. Reloaded matches and everything worked fine. Not sure of glitch in download or what, first time it ever happened and I hope last.

Another question, maybe not the proper place, but I didn’t do a download of all my match data, just saw a post that another club was requesting that info, could I get a copy of mine sent to me, sorry for the screw up. [email protected], North Bristol RCSA Rimfire Challenge Match, September 13, 2020. Thanks let me know if you need more info.

Hi Tom!

Just sent. Please let me know if you have any questions about it!

Did you send me right type of file? Sent .psc, nothing I have wants to open it, looks like coding.


It is a Practiscore file. You open the email in your tablet and import it into the Application… Or save it on your computer and transfer it to the tablet…