Shooters not receiving approval emails

The last couple of days shooters have not been receiving an email when I go in and approve them. I have also tried resending the personal match page to them and they have not received this either. Everything appears to have been working ok up until March 12th then the email notification stopped.
Any ideas?

Have you asked them to check their inboxes in their PS account?
When you send them a email it goes there along with being sent to their email.
Depending on their provider there are often issues with the hosting company NOT forwarding the email. Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc often do not let the email through. BUT the shooter can always find the email in their Practiscore inbox.

D.J. They received a receipt for paying and the original thank you for signing up email. They are just not getting the email when I approve them or resend their personal page. not sure why they would be getting some and not others. I will ask them to check their Practiscore inbox as well.

The way some of those email hosts work is random. it doesn’t always deliver them or it doesn’t always not deliver them.
Using something that we know that works like a Gmail address is more of a guarantee or always check in your inbox is 100% of a guarantee.

I’ve been having the same problem with approval emails. Just registered for a match last evening and wasn’t getting approval so I just decided to see if it would let me squad and it did. I never got the approval email and it didn’t show up in my PS inbox until about two hours after I squadded.

Approval emails may not be automatic, it may be a manual approval system based on what the match director is doing.
It also may be set up so that you don’t have to be approved to squad. There’s 50 different permutations of the way things can be set up.
You would have to ask the match director on how things are set up and running.