Shooters Missing from Scoring Tablet

Using iPads for scoring and one for the non-scoring master, all tablets work normally throughout the match. Pads are turned in at the end of the match to sync and one shows no shooters, no scores. This has happened twice, two different matches, one USPSA, one Steel Challenge, different iPads, different shooters.

I can go to the local log on the iPad and shooters and scores are there, but nowhere else. So, any ideas what would cause this and is there a way to restore data from the local log?

@Glenn_Whitten “no scores” meaning nothing synced to the master OR scores are gone from the scoring tablet?

How did you bring the match data into that tablet in the first pace? Was it pulled from the master device?

Also email us the match export file from the master tablet at [email protected] and specify there what shooters/stages are you missing, as well as the scoring tablet name the scores were supposed to be entered at.

All iPads were synced from the master and used in the match with no problems reported, two shooters were added to that scoring pad during the match.

At the end of the match, all shooters and scores missing from the scoring tablet, shows no squads, no names, as if they were never there except for the local log. This is before attempting sync with the master. Scoring iPad will sync with the master but still shows no shooters, no scores.

To get scores posted, we copied the local log, manually entered shooters into a spare iPad, then manually entered all scores from the local log file. Synced the spare iPad to the master and recovered everything this way. Long, drawn out process!

I don’t have the master iPad at home, but can get that info if it will help.

I will bet that someone hit “delete all” in that scoring tablet. To fix it you just have to go back into the shooters list and do “undelete all”.
I can’t imagine somebody deleted them one at a time.
If we could get the match file from that one scoring tablet I’m sure they’re all there.

But then that “delete all” change would have synced to the master too…

Check that scoring tablet as well. Go to the list of matches and see if there is another match on the tablet that has the data you are missing. This might happen when you cross-synced the match and the scores between master and scoring tablets after using pin# to bring the match into the scoring tablets (you should not do that).

I will send a link to the Match Director, who has the tablets, and knows Practiscore better than I do.