Shooters import from CSV doesn't work on iOS

I have exported CSV file from WinMSS with data about shooters from our matches previously done with WinMSS. Renamed columns to appropriate format (, removed not required ones etc.
When I open such CSV and try to open it in PractiScore on iOS, it asks me whether I want to save data into Shooters history or create new match etc.
Regardless of what I choose, when I try to add such name in PractiScore, I get no suggestions about a shooter from that list.
Basically it seams no data were imported.
CSV contains columns:
member, last name, first name, gender, team, country, division, age

Even when I remove all columns and leave only last name, first name, nothing shows up in suggestions when adding new shooter.

Ah my fault, found that CSV exported from Apple Numbers has ; as delimiters, while PS accepts comma instead. Problem solved