Shooters cannot choose their squad after registering

Shooters are able to register for our upcoming match, but there is no link to choose their squad.
Here is match signup link:

Suggestions please.
Thanks, David

You have squadding locked.

I have a feeling you have been cloning matches for a while.
Please review this tutorial in particular the end discussing cloning more than 60 days out.

Yes I have been cloning previous matches, as it seemed to simplify creating all the match registration fields. Didn’t realize it would cause issues.
I did have an issue cloning a previous match, as I forgot to edit one of the dates, but thought is was an isolated issues.
Do you recommend that I recreate this match, and manually enter shooters that have already registered, or shall I just try to manually select squads for the shooters as they register?

Thank you, thank you!!
This match was cloned, and I locked the squadding the evening before the match.
Just unlocked the squadding, and it seems to have fixed it.
It was driving me crazy.

I would let this current match run its course. Kill the upcoming ones and recreate them 30 to 60 days from the match date.

Will do. I will recreate the future matches.
Thank you for your quick replies to my post for help.