Shooter was able to register without payment

I received notification from a shooter that he was able to register twice for a match without payment. He stated the credit card box did not even show up, but the register button was active and he was able to register and squad for both entries. I have confirmed his entries and no corresponding payment in Stripe. This seems to only have impacted him (so far). I checked the settings on our end that I would assume could impact this, but couldn’t find anything unusual. I also confirmed this person does not have admin access and that no other admin added him to the match. Please let me know if you would like his specific name/email and I can send it via a private message. We have recently transitioned to Stripe Connect if that is a useful data point. Thank you!


We had the same thing happen for first Saturday. When I looked at approve / view shooters list it showed paid next to his name. The other competitors showed paid stripe, or paid with the custom amount.

@Frank_Barbaro, yes same here. It shows “Paid” next to his name but not “Paid with Stripe”.

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 2.13.31 PM

As a side note, some show the amount paid in the shooter list and others do not. Separate issue, just a heads up to the support team. :slight_smile:

I’m getting this out to the proper people.

@Cactus_Practical @Frank_Barbaro
One of the crossover things that will happen here is… if You converted to Stripe Connect in the middle of a match the shooters who paid with old stripe will NOT have the available options as New Connect. (ie not instant refund) I worked with another MD today who will be treating all her July matches as Old style and refunding all shooters the old way until her matches are all set up with the new system.
I am thinking right this second that what you are seeing her is exactly this.

@D.J.Petrou if it’s helpful context, the match noted in this post was created completely from scratch after converting to Stripe Connect. It did not already exist and was also not a clone.

Those with the amount paid after “Paid with Stripe” selected additional pricing options. Those who paid the default price will not have the amount shown. If it only says “Paid” then the payment used the old system and is not eligible for a refund through our site. I will look into these cases of Shooters being able to successfully register without payment.

The shooter without payment issue was fixed yesterday.

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We had one instance of this a couple of weeks ago and have been monitoring. Additionally in the last week or so we’ve seen 3 registrants incurring double payments on Stripe. Still trying to figure out what’s happening there.

See your post about double payments…

@Jeff_Krammer with club member discounts being turned back on, both members and non-members show up as “Paid with Stripe” (no amount shown). Therefore when issuing refunds, we have to cross check the member list or open Stripe to see whether they paid the member or non-member price. To truly take advantage of Stripe Connect and issue refunds entirely within Practiscore, may I please ask you to consider displaying the price paid for all entries in the shooter list, rather than just those entries with price modifications?

Figured I would reply here rather than creating a whole new post. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Currently @Jeff_Krammer is on other projects and unavailable for any major changes for a while. :construction_worker_man:
I would suggest that you might recognize who club members are or you could check your Stripe account for the amount they paid as a stopgap.
He will see your post eventually. :wink:

@D.J.Petrou definitely workarounds available in the meantime. :slight_smile: Have a great week!