Shooter Score not uploading correctly into Website

ASP Gun Club - ASP June 10, 2023 scores for J. Leonard show on the overall results but not on the individual stages. He did not shoot stage 1 but completed 2 and 3 but is not showing in the overall for each stage. There should be 16/18 for stage 1, 17/18 for stage 2-3 and that is not what is showing on the website. It is fine on the iOS master tablet.

If you will email me the match file we can look at it.
[email protected]
Can you tell me if this match was a cloned match? If I can also have your Club link or Club name because I can’t find the club with ASP.
Is this an IDPA match? Because you’re using IDPA scoring. The match seems to have a lot of issues going on as far as I can see.