Shooter Missing from Overall Combined Scoring

A shooter is missing from the overall combined scoring of our most recent match.

Oregon ARPC March Speed Steel Match 2024 | PractiScore

The shooter “F, Philip” shows up in the overall “CO” class when reviewing the posted scores, but the shooter is missing when looking at the overall combined scoring.
This is not how it shows on the scoring tablet. When reviewing scores on the tablet, the shooter appears in overall combined as expected.

I have tried editing everything I can think of, and re-posting (updating) the scores, but nothing seems to fix the issue. What could be causing this?

The posted results you linked does have that competitor.

You may be looking at the outdated page. Do a hard page reload on desktop or clear your browser cache on mobile.

The shooter was in that link exactly where I described, in the overall “CO” class, but missing from the overall combined scoring.

It doesn’t matter now anyway, because about two hours after posting my original post, the shooter appeared on the overall combined scoring. Something is definitely not syncing correctly, or is badly delayed.