Shooter has a NULL power factor

Makes the results differ between the website and practiscore competitor app on Android.

I’m not sure how it happened but I figured I’d raise this issue since it’s odd and probably a validation error or data corruption? Anyway it should be major power factor, it appears to be calculated as minor even when the field for power factor is blank in the website scores

(It’s my score by the way)

I was moved from squad 103 to squad 102 in the tablet the day of the match to balance out the squads, so that could be how the data corruption was introduced

I would email/talk with the match director and have them update the file before re-posting the scores.

Sure, but I was more interested in reporting this because it might impact other matches. There’s something that happened that cleared out the power factor for a shooter when they moved a shooter between squads on the tablets the day of the match.

If they just moved you from one squad to another on the tablets, that shouldn’t have changed anything in your shooter information. There may have been something wrong with the initial information when you registered that didn’t carry down.

I’ll take a look at the initial registration and see if I can come up with a possible answer.