Shooter approval

New match registration is requiring approval before shooters can squad.
Allow squadding after registering – No approval or payment required is checked. Match was cloned from previous that did not have this issue.

What is the name of the match and what is the name of the club and I will take a look at it.
We always recommend never cloning more than 2 months old or 2 months out. This could be one of those problems if it is an older cloned match.

USPSA MO21 2Alpha SBRC October 22th 2022
2alpha practical shooters

Are you saying that the shooters that have registered cannot squad themselves? Right now you are the only person that has squadded ( and only one of your two registrations) but they are all available to squad and are all approved.

Im saying that no approval or payment is required box is checked but I still had to approve them.

So if when I looked at your match you have already manually approved everybody. I don’t think I can really help you unless you can show me people that have registered and are not automatically approved or could squad.

Also and possibly most importantly how old is the clone? Meaning how many months ago was the original one created?