Setup shooter checkins in the website?

Hello! I am working on taking my club as paperless as possible, and part of that requires a report that we currently hand write (we print the list of shooters, then check off who all showed up and what they paid). I can add checkins to the match to make it so I can do it all on the tablet, but is there any way to do this in the website? Or do I have to use a template in the app itself (all iOS)?

Hi Drew,
Yes all match management as far as scoring, checking In shooters, moving shooters around after downloading the registration to the master scoring tablet, Is done on the tablet itself. The is no check In feature on the web side of things.
You mentioned (all iOS) both iOS and Android have the checkin feature…They are each a bit different but they have it.
Hope this helps,

@djpetrou the on-device checkins are inter operable between iOS and Android. Both apps allows to show checkins in competitor list, update them during registration and sync across devices.

Unfortunately the “paid” or “staff” checkins aren’t being returned by the web site when match data is downloaded with the pin# to the apps. Maybe @Jay could plan to get this updated at some point for the web crew.

Thanks, that’s what i figured. I can’t seem to create a template in Practiscore on the iOS app, so i’ll just have to create the checkins from scratch each match.