Setting up Stripe connect

I am trying to set up stripe connect as apparently we are making this switch before September. So when I went to go do this, there was a way to connect to my current stripe account. I went through all that process and at the very end was told that my API key was incorrect. Not sure how that happened as I never entered it so I assume it came from my stripe account.

Some type of reference or tutorial on how to set this up would be handy. Else we’ll go back to cashing checks in September I guess…

If you have a current stripe account already set up and hooked up to your club you don’t have to set up a new one. Inside practiscore it will connect you and update your stripe account to stripe connect for you. I talked about it briefly in the video.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong because when I go through everything, I get down to the bottom and it asks for stripe account / login. I do that and it says that the account already exists. Then it errors out.

Can you post a link to how this is supposed to work? In addition to it not working as above, it had me set up 2-factor authorization (which I already had) and now I can’t log into my main stripe account. A little help here would be much appreciated.

Hi Randall!

Have you already looked at the articles and video we posted about Connect? The video may have the info you need.

If you are having issues with logging into your Stripe account, we suggest contacting Stripe, as they’ll be able to help you far better than we can