Setting up registration

Our match is composed of 3 divisions. Pellet, sportsman, and pro. On my registration form…I have made all 3 selections, but it only allows one to be selected.

Can all 3 be selected so each shooter is signed up for all 3 with one form?



No they cannot.
If they are shooting 3 gun, (ie. 3 matches) they must register 3 times.

Thank you…I was thinking that was likely going to be the case.

I will just omit the division category and add each 2x more once I bring those that sign up into the match. I think it will be too confusing and cause me more trouble in the long run asking people to sign up 3 times….and pay 3 times.

Thank you,


Steel Challenge has been doing it for years. thousands of shooters, Registering each time, for each gun you shoot.
It’s never been a problem.
Oh, sure you get an occasional person who doesn’t get it, but mostly it works just fine.

I don’t disagree with you on principle. I was the MD for the steel challenge matches here for a few seasons.

The people that attend BR matches are much older in general and many have still not adopted the use of the internet if they can avoid it. Very few have been able to navigate our website and successfully sign up their club or purchase targets. It is what it is. I’m willIng to duplicate their signup on my end rather that field a ton of questions and failed attempts. It’s not a big deal to me.