Setting up member discount

I thought it was possible to add a member discount code. I see an option to allow club members to get a discount but do they have to add the club to their practiscore membership to get it. I thought I set up a member discount code last month. I cant even find last months match so I could clone it.

Also for some reason the registration open date was incorrect and I cannot find a way to go back and edit any of that.

Hi Ted!

To change the date, hit the little pencil icon next to the match name. You can edit those details from there.

You can do pre registration codes, but they only have the ability to either bypass payment or just to allow people to pre register but pay in full. Otherwise, discounts come from the “Membership Discount” function :slight_smile:

So I am assuming that each person that wants the discount has to add the club to their practiscore accounts as one of their clubs?

You’ll need to set up the membership on your end first, and then the shooters will need to join the club as a member.