Setting up drills in PS Log app

First, I’m new to the app and have searched this forum to the best of my ability. If this question has already been answered/addressed, please help me out my linking the thread.

I am wanting to set up standardized drills in PS Log app for my partner and I to routinely practice the same things and measure improvement over time. I am having a difficult time figuring out how to do it on the app.


Drill Set 1:
1: draw & fire one on plate of choice. Repeat 8x. +2 seconds for each miss.
2: draw & fire 1 on plate 1, 3, 2, 4, 1, 3, 2, 4. Repeat 4x. +2 seconds for each miss.

I do not yet have a Bluetooth timer, but times will be added to the scoring.

For simplicity and to save the range time the PractiScore Log app does not directly support multiple-string drills. Generally you can measure improvements on individual runs (the part that you repeat X number of times).

However you can record each run separately and add scores to each run. Then select all runs you want to measure (use long tap to select) as a single unit and use the “Add Up Entries” option from the main menu to create an aggregated entry for these selected runs, so you can play with measurement of such aggregated entries.

How does creating drillls and specifying scoring work then? It’s almost like i need to set up my own match, but PS says not to do that.

Oddly, in the PractiScore Log app you can log your runs before creating anything in the app. There are no such thing as matches or stages in the Log app.

Basically everything is a “tag”. There are few built-in tag types - location, person, firearm, drill and other. You can create your own tags on the tag editing screen. The tags can be created before you record your runs and then selected tags are automatically added to these runs. But you can edit or assign tags to the runs after the fact.

When you edit your “drill” tags you can select the scoring type (and optionally can specify number of hits required, otherwise scoring would use the number of hits as entered for scoring).

All tags can be used in quick filtering and in the quick summary. So, your individual runs can be using single-string tag drills, and the aggregated “performance tracking” entries can be tagged with their own “drill” tag, which you could filter and chart for the period of time.

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