Series match dropping on combined master

Ok have a series going loaded 3 matches, seems to work except the online scores for the first combined link button only shows 2 of the 3 matches, if you click on the lower combined it shows all 3, and when you click on either division button it works fine, its just the first top combined button that does not show the correct results.

Somethin I am doing or is it a bug in the system?

@Tom_Zuzik first of all you are on the old version of the app and really should update to 1.7.x version.

Not sure what you are referring to as the “first combined link button” and “the lower combined” or what results you had expected to see. Please provide screenshots or specific examples.

So, unless I’missing something I don’t see anything wrong with your series results calculations. The series is configured to use best 2 out of all matches. You can change that in the match settings for your series match.

You see the two combined links

when I click the top link that I circled, it only shows June and May results, when I click any of the other links buttons it shows July, June and May results together, also its only showing best 2 and the series is best 3 out of 5, it comes up on the pad correctly, but when i send it to post to PS, it still shows 2/2 instead of 3/3

This is what I see for your “Combined” link at

If you are seeing a different page - try to flush your web browser cache, e.g. Ctrl-Refresh, Ctrl-F5, etc

Closed and reopened browser and it corrected the issue, forgot about the cache, thank you

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