Sept 2022 latest Amazon update for 2017 vintage fire 7 no longer allows Practiscore on child profile named "Scorekeeper"

Warning, latest Amazon update not allowing Practiscore to be added as an availalbe app in child profile named “scorekeeper”. Anyone else have this same issue yet?

More info…

One of my 2017 vintage Fire7 tablets did not auto-update to the latest Practiscore version. Other tablets of same vintage auto-updated fine. I tried to manually update Practiscore via Amazon store, but failed due to not enough memory. I archived all that I could but still no joy. I decided to do a full factory reset defaults to wipe all data and start over. I now have the latest Practiscore when I log in as admin (Parent). However, the child profile interface now looks different with a message “Talk to your parents about getting some content”. I navigate to the “Add content” to enable all 11 choices, which include Practiscore. When I click done and go back to the main page I can see Washington Post, iHeart Radio, Youtube, Freecell, Solitare and Disney Plus, but I do not see Practiscore. Tried this several times and tried full power down and back on, but still no joy.
It was suggested years ago to use child profile which de-clutters the screen to quickly and easily find the practiscore icon and also able to avoid using a lock screen pin to quickly get back in to enter scores after tablet goes to sleep.