Send Payment Reminder to All Members with Payment Due

Let me just start by saying I love the membership management feature and the automation to adjust pricing for members during registration. This has been a big game changer for us, and we really appreciate it.

Each month, the process of going through and sending payment reminders for expired memberships is a manual process (one by one). It’s still a big time saver compared to the old process of approving each individual match price. An idea to take this time savings to the next level would be to have a single click that will send the payment reminder to all active members with a payment due. If this is not technically feasible, another option would be to filter for active members with payment due within the “Email All Members” form.

As I type this, I just realized that I could actually download the members to CSV, filter for active members with payment due, and paste those email addresses into the “Email All Members” form. It seems to work and this is a reasonable workaround actually. The only challenge is that when you click “Edit Recipients” in the “Email All Members” form, the pre-populated email addresses must be deleted one-by-one. I tried CTRL+A to Select All, but it doesn’t work in the form. A possible workaround for this would be to have a “Clear All” button on the “Email All Members” form.

Whichever of these ideas seems technically feasible and worth the effort would be appreciated, understanding of course that this is lower priority as it is just a “nice to have”.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the idea! We’re pleased to hear you like the feature :smile: