Selected Match Option check boxes for payment and discounts unchecked themselves

Anyone go back into a match you set up only to find the payment or discount options you had selected were unselected? I have had this happen multiple times on the same day for a Match that just opened.

A match I created a few weeks ago opened this last Monday and many people registered that day. I noticed a few had not paid which was strange since we always require full payment to register for a match. I open the match page and sure enough the require payment and the member discount boxes were both unchecked, I know I had checked them both when the match was created. I re-checked the boxes and saved the match. A few hours later I checked the match and found the boxes unchecked again… After confirming no one else on our admin team had accessed the match page let alone uncheck those boxes I thought I would send out a note to the community. I have heard that cloned match can be a problem however I do not believe this was a cloned match. Thanks

I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles. It would help us greatly if you would tell us the name of the club and the name of the match so we could look at it.
The other thing that catches my eye is that you say you don’t think the match was cloned. Who was the person that created the match? And did they build it new or was it cloned? It’s quite important.
When you mention the admin team is that every single person that has admin access plus the owner of the club?.
Once I know the name of the club and the match name we will be able to look into it further for you.

Hi DJ,

Thanks for your quick reponse.

The match is DAP March 12 2023 Steel Challenge Match.

I create the match a few weeks ago and do not remember cloning it but it is possible. Is there anyway to check? I checked the URL and it looks original. I checked with all the other admins on our account and no one else has touched the match.

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I just registered and I chose a discounted rate of -$25.
I am now marked paid just like shooter # 87.
Now the must pay checkbox is unchecked because the waitlist is enabled again. We do not charge anyone to be waitlisted so the “must pay” checkbox is turned off at that point.
The other thing I am curious about is that you go to waitlist at 65. Why are there currently 76 shooters accepted in the approve list?
If you are continually changing your setup it’s virtually impossible for us to tell if there is actually an issue.

Hi DJ,

Thanks for looking into the issue. Been a busy day at work, hence the late response. I was not aware that the required payment box unchecked itself when the waitlist started, good to know. I know at least one person, #71 signed up for the match before it was full and didn’t have to pay so I am still not sure how that happened. The club discount also turned it self off before #84 signed up, he is a new member and called me about the discount not showing up for him so I turned it back on and he confirmed the auto discount was working and has stay checked since then.

Once a waitlist person is approved is there an option to require payment before they can squad? In the past i had the require payment and approval to squad but stopped to enable those who register and pay to squad right away vs waiting for an approval that my take a hour to a day. Several shooters do not check there email as often as others or can not while working and missed the opportunity to get on a particular squad.

The max shooters was set to 65 however I had 5 squads set up at 15ea (75) including 2 reserved spots saved for ROs. Once the ROs are registered and squaded I get rid of the reserved spots. Our matches have been filling up within a day or less recently, this last match within ~5hrs so I needed a way to hold a few spots for the ROs. Please let me know if having more spots on the squads than the max shooters effects when the waitlist is activated.

The only changes I had been making to the match were turning the required payment back back on as i wanted to be sure that anyone approved would need to pay their fees to hold the match spot.

I am still learning the site and appreciate any thoughts and or suggestions to better set up and manage these matches that fill up very quickly.

Many thanks

Once you sell out, you’ll need to change to the “require approval and payment to squad”.

If you’re wanting a specific number of spots reserved for ROs, I suggest lowering your total # of shooters down to what you want minus the ROs and then you can change the amount afterwards. This way you’re not overselling and not having spots for your ROs at the same time.

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Thanks Steph. I appreciate the response and suggestions.