Select all shooters

Is there a way to select all shooters in the Android version of the Practiscore app on the Amazon Fire 10 device?

On my android cell phone I can select all shooters which allows me to delete them. Then I can pull the updated shooter / squad list from the website using the pin number.

I tried to do the same thing on my usual master device (Amazon Fire 10) and could not figure out how to select all shooters.

The reason this would be a benefit is that I usually pull the match into the master device early in the week so I can build my stages. As we all know, there are shooters who withdraw during the week and some late registrations and then you have the squadding requests.

For me it is easier to just wipe out all the shooters and repull them from the website.

Tap and hold on the name. Then use select all from the top right menu.

Tap and hold doesn’t seem to be working for me.

A workaround that I just discovered is that if I sort the shooters by squad a box with four smaller boxes appears in the upper right. I can use that box to select the entire squad. Then if I go squad by squad I can delete all the shooters.

Is it possible to make that box a default thing so it can be used regardless of sort type?

The real issue here is that web site does NOT correctly report deleted shooters on pin# import. They are omitted from the list, so device can’t tell if they were deleted on the web site vs added locally on device.

Do you have the “Show checkins” enabled? This option is overriding the long tap. You can disable it from under “More…” / “Checkins” screen.

Default to what? There is no sub-section header for the name or member based searches.

There are search options by team and by country. They will have a sub-section with all shooters when no team or country is set.

That was the problem - I had show checkins enabled.

This is going to make life much easier - now that I can just wipe out all the shooters and re-pull them I don’t have to go back and forth between the device and the website trying to find the differences.

By default I meant that it would always be available to use to select all shooters. I see the logic to what you are saying though. Now that I can select all shooters (once checkins are disabled) I can do what I need to do.

Awesome - thank you Eugene!

BTW, you can pul your match with a pin# well before registration started. So, there won’t be any competitors to delete.

Also you should lobby for fixing web site issue for syncing deleted shooters over multiple pin# imports.