Secure match password

Setting the match and checked “Secure Match” without setting the password. After saving the match is locked but now I do not have the password. How to unlock?
It happened while I was exploring PractiScore but if that happened during the match I would have a problem.
Does PS have some code like “0000” if it has not been created previously?

Thank you!

I will look into disabling “secure match” option if password is not set in the app. Thank you for reporting it.

There is no default password.

The only option to get this match unlocked is to clone it - basically create a separate match. You will have to bring new match to all scoring devices too.

I have also find cloning as least painful.

Thank you for answer my question!

Not sure what you meant by that. Could you please elaborate?

Did not have to create a new match, briefings, import shooters… I have simply cloned match (preparing for Sunday small competition so did not use web registration)

I see… You don’t have to use PractiScore website registration or other online registration if you don’t need to. Those services are there to save MD time and beneficial on larger matches.

Also, if you have some commonly repeated match structure, you can create new match and add your stages, shooters, etc. Then check the “Template” option in the match entry popup menu. Then your match will show up in the list of templates when you select “Add” new match.

More over, you can export that “template” match and share with others.

Also note, that “clone” option creates a separate new match. E.g. match results posted to PractiScore will be separate and changes made in the old copy can’t be synced over wifi into the cloned match.

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this still doesn’t work??
It just happened to me, I put “Securize Competition”
I only put the key of “Password Edit Scores”
but I did not put “competition password”
Now I can’t modify anything about the competition, I can’t even see the results.
How do I get it back, I have the competition in 8 hours !!!

Currently your only option is to clone your match on device. It removes the match password and also makes it a different match, so you will have to delete the original match from all your scoring tablets, of any.

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