Search result says 'Cancelled' but it's not

If I use the search box here:, my matches show as cancelled. … but only if I use the first word of my match title. If I press the link it shows the match is open. If I use any other word from the title to find it, there is no problem. For some reason, the first word results in ‘cancelled’ message.
Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 12.11.43

What club and/or match(es) is this for?

Club name is Harlow Practical Club.
Title of the three matches:
Lumley Ranges - The April PSG Match - by Harlow Practical Club (HPC)
Lumley Ranges - The July PSG Match - by Harlow Practical Club (HPC)
Lumley Ranges - The October PSG Match - by Harlow Practical Club (HPC)

In the search box, if you write ‘Lumley’ it says cancelled, as per screen shot on my original post. If you follow the link anyway, then all appears ok. If you use any other word from the title to search this is also ok.

It looks like it’s pulling that specific line from your match description. It’s because you’re typing in Lumley and that match description line has Lumley in it. Also, we highly suggest only setting up matches and events 2 months out as any changes we make to the website won’t be applied to already set up matches.

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It’s where the system picks up your text in the description box of the match under match setup.
Search it again, on the first match I moved one of the sentences and you will see the difference.

I also notice that you have the "require payment and approval to squad " box checked. BUT you do not have the “require full payment at time of Reg” option checked. This will cause you headaches.

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Oh, I understand. Yep, that makes perfect sense. Thank you!

Re changes to website. In all probability, would any likely changes affect the functioning of an already created match?

We’ve had it happen in the past that’s why we suggest not going out too far.

Understood. Thanks very much for your assistance, both Steph_Marie & D.J.Petrou.

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Excellent! You made it very easy for me to rectify the issue on the other two matches. Thanks so much.