Search Location

How do I set my location for match searches? Every time I login, the Search map shows me located in New York City (I live in the south central Upper Peninsula [UP] of Michigan). When I reset my location to the UP, if I go away and register for a match, and then start a new match search, I am placed back in NYC, and I have to reset my location again, same as a new login.

My settings show me as living in the UP at the correct location.

Is there a way to permanently reset my home location?

@Phil_Janicki as far as I know, currently your location is derived from what your web browser makes available to the PractiScore website and is not stored in your website profile.

If you are using any VPN, ad blocker or tracking-blocking services, you can try to add PractiScore website into a white list.

Okay, I’ll check my browser, but why do we provide our home
location and home club data then?

Not sure. It is optional info in your profile.