SCSA Email scores partial failure

8 Stage SCSA only sent score email for competitors 1st division. 2nd division scores not posted to score log and emailed to some competitors. We believe it may be an email address issue reported by multiple competitors. Score emails do not indicate the division scored, causing confusion for multiple division competitors. While the data is available in Practiscore Competitor the emails give no indication of division.

I recently posted a similar question, our emails are going out for both guns but there is no way to know what division/gun the email is for. The email shows the competitors name, USPSA#, and all string times. It’s has to be a setting we have wrong

“Just started using the Score Logging for SCSA matches. Scores are posting and emails are going out, but there isn’t anything that identifies the division. The emails show Name, Stage, and the scores, but no way to identify which division it was for when shooting multiple guns.

I’m sure I’ve got a setting off somewhere. Registration is online and transferred to an Ipad. I’m not sure if it’s something in the Match Set up or on the scoring devices I’m missing”