Scoring Tablets will not sync with Master (iPad)

After the match today I brought the tablets (Amazon) home and was going to upload scores to my iPad Master (which I have done a number of times with no issue).
The iPad would not sync with the tablets… looking at the sync codes; I noticed the sync code at the bottom of the tablet is different than the sync code for the same tablet in the list of tablets that the iPad displays…
I rebooted everything more than once, refreshed sync page on tablet, all with no success.
Any suggestions?
Thank you,
Lincoln Salvador
Satellite Beach, FL

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Are you on the same network at home when you originally sync from your master to the stage/squad tablets?

No, I synced the tablets on the range wifi network in the morning before the match …took them home and tried to sync them on my home wifi network

When I have had this happen I first select all the found devices on all tablets and then click clear selected and then refresh.

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This issue is usually due to the sync codes being different when you’re running them on different WiFi networks. I suggest clearing them from your master and refreshing as the sync codes will be different.

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Ok sounds good…
However I do not know how to clear the sync in the master or tablets…
Your explanation would be appreciated…

Ok thank you Gregg

On the iPad click “Clear Known” then “Scan All”

On the Android check all the boxes of the found devices and then click “Clear Selected” then at the top right click “Refresh”

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@Gregg_Kratochvil good visuals!

Though as a best practice, you really should give those android devices more unique names. I usually recommend to name them for each match and include things like stage number, or other things that help to understand where tablet was supposed to be used. E.g. “Stages 1,2”, “Stages 1,2, AM”, “Stages 1,2 PM”, “Stage 1,2 Backup”. And also have matching physical stickers on those devices.

For weekly club matches the same tablet is always used on Stages 1 and 2. We know where to go look for scores without guessing or looking at every tablet in case things go wrong.


I agree Eugene. For my matches, I usually have them set up for Squad 1, Squad 2, etc.

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Always learning something new from you guys. I never even thought of actually giving them names. I do have the tablets labeled by the bay they are used on and always use them on the same bay and stages. I have AMG timers synced to each tablet and the tablets and timers stay on the bay. Knowing what tablet has which stages is very helpful when something isn’t right that needs diagnosing.

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Naming them by squad works in case tablets stay/move with the squad.

The tablet name is shown on the scores verification screen and for each entry in the history. And all the way to the PractiScore Competitor app even.

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I cleared the iPad and the 3 tablets and refreshed.
The tablets all see each other and the iPad…
the iPad shows no tablets…blank screen.
I tried the “find” function on the iPad and typed in the sync code for the tablets…no joy…

@Lincoln_Salvador for the giggles, go to the system settings on ipad and enable location services (under Privacy section). Then find PractiScore app and enable the “local network access” permission. Then do “scan all” again in the PractiScore app.

Also, what sync codes Android tablets see each other under and what sync code they have for the iOS device? What sync code iOS device show for itself?

WOW you found the problem! Thank you!
The location services was turned on but when I went to the Practiscore app in settings I discovered the Local Network access was turned off. I do not know how that go turned off. I turned it on and now the iPad sees the tablets.
And in fact I had already built a dummy private test match and downloaded that to the iPad and then to the tablets. I created scores on the tablets and just uploaded that to the iPad.
So all is well and I will say I learned a whole lot (much more to go) and thank you again.

You are welcome