Scoring Steel Challenge on ipads

We use Apple Ipads to score our stages for Steel Challenge. When all the scores have been added, and we click on approve, we don’t get the classification. On androids, after you click on Approve, in the bottom right hand side, we see our classification…like “A” or B or “M” shooter.
Why don’t we see that on our Apple Ipads?

Hi Dan,
The iOS version or the App and the Android version of the App often have different features. Sometimes it is because of the architecture of the system and sometimes it is because the developers are different people.
Is this feature a requirement of Steel Challenge or is it just something nice to tell you at that moment whether you were fast or not? :fire: :fire:
This is definitely something we will pass on to the to the iOS developer. If it can be integrated maybe it can be added in the next “major” update. It might take a while as the guys are currently buried in another project but we will look at it!

Thanks D. J.
The guys were asking why this feature did not work like the other tablets they used.
It would be nice though so we can see if we did any better in a match.
Thanks again,

@DAN_HARMAN if it helps, you can see Steel Challenge classification in the PractiScore Competitor app for iOS and the app also keeps track of your and your rivals classifier performance over time

This is great, but a huge huge huge plus if it was in the iOS version as well for the shooter because not all MDs do live scoring and have wifi at the range.

Unfortunately, You will have to wait until the next Practiscore version comes out.

That’s awesome and no worries! …I missed the comment you put about including it in the next update. Just as an insight, This is a huge thing for us steel challenge shooters. As classifications are the other major interest in the style of competition. It comes up on nearly every single shooter, every match using ios version. =)

Thanks for working hard on this awesome app team!