Scoring issue using Time Plus POints

I had a question on the scoring with an iOS- We run a Time Plus Points event for the Patriot Games and we recently had this issue:

It shows That Cruz finished first in his division but in the overall ranking it shows Gordon is over Cruz. I am not sure why this happens- numbers wise Gordon seems to have the better score- any help on this would be appreciated.

Please take a look at the attached tutorial it should answer your questions.

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Thank you for your reply! So are you saying it comes down to something at registration. In this one example the guy who finished higher in the division didnt select class1, but the guy who actually had the lower score and all the others had class 1 selected. IMG_5279

No, we are saying it is just how all the stage-point based scoring works. The order in the match results can change between combined and per-division scores. The linked articles has more details and you can do the math yourself.