Scores Gone for Steel Challenge Stage

We held two matches today, an Action .22 match and a steel challenge match. My problem is the steel challenge match. We had just two stages, I accidentally locked the scoring for both stages to Showdown. At the end of the match, I realized I did this, and edited each shooter, and put them on the correct stage (Roundabout). However, I think what happened is I made the changes on the wrong tablet, so, no I have no scores for Roundabout. I know I edited them correctly because I got two score logs for showdown, then an updated scorelog for Roundabout.

My question, are you able to retrieve the lost scores for Roundabout, or is there a way for me to retrieve them? If not, no huge deal, but it would be nice to be able to post scores with both stages, and upload to USPSA.

Go to the tablet where you overwrote the shooter and you will see an edit trail.
(At least you should see that but I’m not 100% following what you did.)
There you will see the original score (again, I think)
You will have to hand enter the original score to where it should be.

p.s. Are you doing all this on master tablets? What about all the scoring tablets?

Thanks D.J. I was able to find all the score logs on the website, and then could deduce which was right by the scoring tablet they were scored on. I went in and restored those scores on the Master, so I we are good. Appreciate the help, it got me headed in the right direction.