Score not allowing old list view plus card view not able to filter in a given match

I have a question regarding the website results; depending on the match. I have attached an image to show what I am talking about. Some match I have found that will not show scores in the old list view for some reason or another. Plus this same match in card view will not allow you to filter or view based on a catagory, class, etc… Is there something that I am doing wrong.

Hi Jerrod!
Thanks for letting us know, I’m going to send this to our website guys and ask them their thoughts. Could you also link to any other matches you have seen this is happening on?

I will look back and see I can’t remember but this was the latest.

We have a fix for the issue, but it will not arrive until our next website update. The issue happens when the match director changes something in their match internally.

Here is another example for ya:

This just started today. Not sure what was changed…

This is a known issue and the repair has already been created. Just waiting for the next web update to happen.
Luckily everybody can see results using the HTML style results!!!
When the update is done, hopefully, in the next week or two, all the matches will revert to new style results working.
D. J.