Score logging on android?

Probably back in 2018? Our club started hosting major matches and wanted to use “score logging” in paperless matches. At that time, only the iOS version of the app could do that (I think). I feel like I have been to a couple matches lately that were using android devices and the “score logging” feature to log scores on the score log website and send out the emails. Has this feature been fully incorporated into the android version of the app or does it only work on certain devices? Please school me up on this?

Secondary question: If score logging does work on android app, which device is recommended? Our club’s dissatisfaction with iOS devices is cost and sensitivity to heat.

So I stopped being a turd and just went ahead and tried it on an old android I had lying around. And it score logging works yay! I am still curios when that changed or if I was mistaken in the first place.

Is the latest version Amazon fire still favored if we are going to go out and buy new?

Android score logging has been active for years.

Device choice is up to you. Many clubs use a Samsung device as a master and Amazon tablets as scoring devices.