Scammed on Kens list

I made a deal on a STI pistol on Kens list. All the discussion and pics sent seemed timely and accurate. Once this quy got payment, he has been evasive and has not shipped the pistol. The ad has been removed now and and I wonder if anyone on this sight knows him or his whereabouts. His site name was Mark Mark.
Email is [email protected]
616-202-1519 Grand Rapids, MN
His name is Rodney Morgan
2950 Mahaska Ave
Does Moines, IA
I would really appreciate any help resolving this issue.
Weldon Payne

Hi! I’m sorry this has happened to you. We will have our web guys look into it and see what we can find. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

This is a picture that he sent of the pistol

Any of your web guys had time or progress with tracking down this low life SOB ? I will be happy to accept any advice available.

Not finding anything yet.
How did you pay for this?
via one of the payment services with options for non delivery of goods?

I unfortunately used a postal money order

I have the same problem you have…
But I will trace him down.,soon
You can call me at this number 9723656240
One thing he forgot … that he send me some pictures that have the key information in there…

There was a guy about the same time trying something fishy. Had an Akai single stack for sale. Claimed to be selling it for health reasons, a stroke or something. The pictures of it however were all clearly copied from Shays website. I asked for current pics and he claimed that they had been professionally taken and that it was the pistol. I told him if he couldn’t send me a picture of it on a counter or in his hand that we couldn’t do business. He never sent them.

Ken’s List has been shut down.
The system we had for security was not current enough and we decided to close it down for and we decided to close it down for now.

Hello there. What is happening to Ken’s lost page. It doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks, Esteban.

Ken’s List has been removed.
After software issues and security concerns we’ve decided to remove it.
It might come back one day but it will only be after a major reconfiguration.

i have same issue about 2 weeks before kens list was shut down, a person selling a limcat for $3500, i ask for detailed picture of slide showing slide lug , barrel lug and a 360 deg picture of frame, he said he will send it to me but never did, and i got the price down to $2900, that gives me a red flag, i normally ask for sellers name and location were he shoot and look in that area if his name show up on any match in that area then look on FB if he post some video of him shooting , if not then i back of a bit until i can prove if seller is legit.

Did this get resolved? I live close to Des Moines and it appears it’s his real address

No sir. I never did get this resolved.