SASS scoring results identified P column as points not Procedual

SASS scoring results for NVGC-SASS-COWBOY-ACTION April 2021 match (25th) identified P column as total points and did not contain a Procedural column. In stage 2 had a bonus possible of -5, none of those who got a bonus checked during scoring got a minus 5 in results.
What did I do wrong? These were correct in stage build setup and checked in scoring process but results did not correspond. What can we do to correct this?

The P column stand for penalties. I’m not aware of procedurals in time-plus scoring and also don’t see any bonus3s given to shooters on stage 2.

My bad. The P column is points as was commented. Total 'P’enalty points, not 'P’rocedual, which only one of the possible penalties.
The bonus in stage 2 did not appear, because the score keepers first time using Practiscore neglected or missed the accounting of only one bonus. Trivia - clay pigeon broke on throw and shot hit or miss should have been counted as a hit, which did not get checked. Please delete this bogus question. My apologizes.