Sandbox / Staging?


We’re still in the early stages, but we (a small gun club in France) consider running Steel Challenge matches. So instead of reinventing the wheel, since SS is supported by Practiscore, we consider using PS for match registration and scoring.

There are lot’s of tutorials here and I intend to go through them, but as an IT guy, I’m wondering if there’s a “staging” / “sandbox” platform ?

ie: not creating the “real” club, but creating a “test” club so I can get used to PS and the whole toolchain from registration to events down to the scoring tablets.

Or maybe PS allows test matches, scores, … to be later deleted. In that case I guess I could start creating the real club right away ?

Also, to create a club, is it best to link it to a common/generic email ([email protected] ) ? Or can a club be managed by multiple users ?