Running 6 squads thru the 72 rd Classifier

I need some advice. We are running the 72 rd classifier on Sunday. We have split up the classifier into 3 stages + a burner stage for a total of 4 stages. I have 3 squads that will start on bay 1 and finish at bay 3. Then I have 3 more squads that will start on bay 4 and finish on bay 6. I’m not sure how to setup my PS app to accommodate both. As I see it, I have 2 options (1) create two different matches ie squads 1-3 run one match and squads 4-6 run a different ( but same) match OR combine the 6 squads into 3 squads for scoring purposes. We would still run them separately but in PS, instead of a normal 12 man squad, we would have 24 squad members. Any other things I am missing???

@Mike_Lisk could you elaborate what you meant by “we have split up the classifier into 3 stages”?

The IDPA match templates have pre-configured classifier stages. If you are not using those classifier stages, I’m not sure how you would submit results back to IDPA.