Run and Gun match type

Hi - I cannot locate the Run and Gun match type on the Android version of PS 2. For IOS 1.XX it was a sub-type, but I do not see a way to choose sub-types in Android PS 2, I am able to enter free text in that field but not clear if that leads to anything.

Can someone please clarify if Run and Gun is a match type for PS 2.0 and if so, how I get to that option.

I am using PS2.0 on a Fire Tablet from the Amazon app store.

Thank you

Currently the only place to score Run & Gun is on iOS 1.xx. (as it has been since the beginning)
We expect to see it on 2.0 at some point but it is not a simple add.


It is not supported yet. It need to be re-done differently than it was done in iOS 1.x app to better fit with the internal match data.

Thank you both for the clarification.