Rimfire Scoring Problems

Using Version 1.738 (10)
iPad Model (6th Gen) MRJN2LL/A
IOS 14.6

We have had repeated problems with PS dropping scores. In most cases it is from the last shooter. If I remember to email the results to myself immediately, it is usually OK. The scores may be missing on tablet, but at least I have them in email. I have even added a “Dummy” shooter to the end of the list; same result.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone suggest an EXACT score entry sequence to eliminate the loss? BTW, have used PS for Cowboy Action and never had an issue.

I’m stumped and frustrated.


Sorry you are having problems.
Can you explain what exactly is happening?
You lose a score when you sync to the master? lose a score when a stage is completed??? etc.?
Is your scoring person ALWAYS hitting the approve button?
What match type are you using?
This is not a normal thing the software does.

Sorry to be so long. Had a Cowboy match this weekend.
The scoring problem seems to be the last shooter IN MOST CASES.
We do not sync to master. It’s usually a small group, i.e., less than 10.
At the end of match, we read off the scores, then email the results to myself for distribution to the email group.
We do not see APPROVE unless we go into review. We simply hit ENTER and move to the next shooter. I have been doing a backup at the end of each stage. Really hasn’t helped.
Is there a way to force an APPROVE button ?
Thank you.

Hi Bob,
Well this explains why you are losing scores.
The correct procedure is enter the shooters data/time/hits/etc.
Then hit the review button.
All of the scoring data then shows up. And you must hit approve for the score to be locked in.
This is the correct procedure for using Practiscore.

Hitting enter does no lock the score in. Actually I am surprised you do not lose more scores as you are basically backing out of a shooters scoring section without locking things in.
Hope this clears things up.


Must be something unique about RF scoring. We do far more Cowboy match scoring and have NEVER had the problem.
But as before, is there any setting to FORCE you to the APPROVE route?

Thank you for your quick response.

No, I’m sorry. No way to force approve. Its really just one extra button click plus it takes you back to your squad/shooter list so really its no more button pushes.

Again, Thank You for your quick response. :cowboy_hat_face: