Reverse “hide personal info”

So we learned the “hide personal info” option works by apparently deleting all email addresses. Problem is we are trying to run our match paperless with score logging.

Is it possible to restore that info? Unchecking the box and then pulling registration again doesn’t seem to work.

Without a club name or match name we can’t really look at what you have going on.

A quick thought is to kill the match and then recreate it.
If you have already started the match I can ask the iOS developer tomorrow if there is a fix.
Personally I’d just recreate it if there are no scores. Takes maybe 20 minutes.

p.s. When you have immediate match problems you will get faster replies when emailing [email protected].
Just a coincidence I looked at the community tonight.

Thank you D.J., we have started the match already so if you can ask the iOS developer tomorrow that would be really helpful.