Results posted under shooter profile but not under clubs

I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong. The last 3 months when I uploaded the scores they show up under my results as a competitor but only 1 month linked to the club. I looked under settings and everything is the same.

Hi @Ronald_Guyer,
Couple questions:

  1. What club and matches are you having a hard time seeing?

  2. When you pull the export file are you using the Practiscore Pin and importing that way or are you using a different way?

  3. Also, you can go into the specific match score, and claim the results to a specific club you run and they should show up after that.

They are for a steel challenge match. I use the match pin and export the registration to my iPad. When I upload them I use the link under view results to post to practiscore. And when I try to claim them for the club it shows Lewistown pistol club on the drop down and it says that they were claimed after I click it but never show up on the clubs page.

Ronald, for July 12 LPC steel challenge match I see that match id is different from registration. Have you checked “import registration into current match” option when importing match using pin# ?

Though claiming results for your club should still work…

I did the same thing in June tho. And myself and another match director both tried to claim the results and it didn’t work.

Looks like you did… But for steel challenge matches you shouldn’t need to create match on a tablet and using “import into the current match”.

What web browser have you used to claim results? One of the web guys will need to look into this.

BTW, your PractiScore app for Android is a few versions behind.

I just looked at your account…The ONLY club you are authorized as a admin of is the Lewiston Pistol Club. So when you click the dropdown and then click on Lewistown Pistol Club you can claim the match for that club…
I just logged in and did just that… Lewistown now has claimed the match.

Also when I look at your dashboard I see all your past matches under Recent Events box.

Did you see the updates?

I did see the comments I just got home from work. We tried claiming the results on google, android and iOS. Every time we tried it said the results were claimed however they still don’t show under the clubs results page even after you did it. I know we can find them under the competitors page but we were trying to get them on the club page also.