Results not linked to club nor participant accounts


I ran a match today normally and when I went to post the results they are not connected with the club nor the participant’s accounts.

This match file for the web was cloned from a previous match and I use my template match in the android app, then download the shooter data using the match pin, then once completed I just hit the ‘Post to Practiscore’ button in the app.

It is posting the data, but say a participant looks up their dashboard, they will not see the results from this match. Also, if you look at our club match results, it is not there either.

I have tried to claim the results for the club, and I have also re-attempted to ‘get match registration’ and when I do and check the box to import into current match, it says ‘no match changes’, and ‘no score changes’.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


I kept digging this morning and found more information.

I discovered the match results actually did post and did associate with the club. Somehow, the results for our May match (which was yesterday) overwrote the results for the March match. It is still not associating registrants with the event (not on their dashboard). I am confused by this. If this was some error of mine I would assume it would be overwriting the previous month’s match, not two months ago.

I guess that leaves me with three questions:

  1. Can I undo the overwrite of the March’s match results?

  2. How can I properly connect the scores from yesterday’s event I have on my practiscore app right now with the correct event that is on the website?

  3. Any idea how this happened so I can avoid it?

@Justin_Rush a match created (or cloned) on device or on the web site has its own unique internal id. If you pulled registration into a previously created (and scored) match or edit match name or other data - it will pretty much overwrite data in that same match.

The only way to “undo” results is to find a backup copy of your March match and post it again. Note that will overwrite your new match results, unless you make a clone of the match (you can include results with the clone) and then post results of the cloned match.