Results for matches I didn't register for

Hey all. I didn’t see this topic posted anywhere else, but I’m looking to see if anyone else has this problem: I’ve started getting results on my Practiscore page for matches that I didn’t register for, and for clubs out of my state that I don’t even follow. Even more, I’ve been retroactively getting results for matches that were put on before I ever registered for the site OR became a USPSA member!

For example: I registered for PS in early 2018, but last year I suddenly had a bunch of matches added to my “Recent Events” section for that occurred between 2014-2017! And all of them were from outside of my state. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Hi David!

Do you have your name listed for pulling matches where you may not have used your email? This has happened with people who have the same names before. Is there a name similar to yours in the results that don’t belong to you?

Nope. At least not for the most recent ones. For example, this match from 5 Dogs Action Shooters shows up in my events:

There are a few Davids, but nobody with a similar last name.

Wow, I think I just figured it out. In my setting tab I had two Sport Profiles listed: one for USPSA, and one for ICORE. The ICORE member number was just “XX”, and in all of the weird matches on my results page there was at least one person with member number “XX”. It was probably causing the system to go and pull every XX result in the database.

I just changed it and it cleared everything up!

Glad to hear you got it figured out! Please let us know if you have any other issues😄

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