Results for all shooters "Owerall" - "Action Steel"


I created a new match based on “Action Steel”
Great idea, everything works as it should.
I can see the results from individual stages.
It happens, however, that not every competitor will complete all the stages.
I can enter time 0.00 or DNF but the player is not included in the final results.
Is there any way around it.
Sometimes the shooter wants to know where he is in the table. Even if he didn’t show up on the one or two stages:)

This is not specific to Android app.

In the action steel and other time-based scoring variants the best (smaller) time wins. Giving someone 0 time (dnf is essentially also a 0 time) is not fair to other competitors who completed all stages.

You can create a dnf penalty, say 30 seconds or more and use it on those incomplete stages.

Thanks for the very quick reply!
I have been shooting for a long time but recently I have been judging.
I mainly shoot IPSC rifle, pistol, shotgun and I am used to such an assessment
Unfortunately, I got an unusual job for evaluation.
Your explanation is very helpful and understandable to me.

How can I determine the DNF value?
The default is 0.00

Do NOT use the dnf button. Instead add 30 sec (or 30 sec x by number of strings) penalty called “Did Not Shot” (edit penalties from stage list screen before scoring started) and use that penalty instead of dnf button on the scoring screen.

I confirm this solution works Thanks.

However, I found one more match type Time Plus (Points) - Stages (Time Plus)
I wonder why in the stage (stage1, stage2…) results I can see only the shooter time.
Shouldn’t I have seen the points and percentages earned?
This is the pattern for the final results - points and percentages

@Wojciech short story - that is the results format historically used by the shooting sports that are using the timeplus with points scoring.

On a side note. You can see a more detailed breakdown for the points and percentages if you open these results in the PractiScore Competitor app.

So this is the type of display I will have in the app PractiScore Competitor
Points and percentages for the shooter in the stages and final results?

The stage scores and overall results reports generated by the PractiScore app are based on the shooting sport’s preferences, historically or otherwise. E.g. most timeplus with points matches (including major matches like USPSA 3gun Nationals or Area matches) are using 100 points for all stages in the match.

The PractiScore Competitor is a separate app that is created for competitor’s use and it helps with additional match and stage analysis.