Result sorting for the club

Is there a way to change the sort of match results so the newest is on top rather than the oldest, it doesn’t make much sense to have to scroll through all the past results to get to the latest shoot. Specifically I have linked our club results from our main webpage so we are not doing double work but the the sorting is oldest first instead of newest first.

If you search by club name, it shows most recent first. Just be aware that if you re-upload a match it will then show as most recent.

So, if you search by your club name in the scores, you can then copy that link and use it as the link on your website. That’s what we did.

For example:

No actually it doesnt which is why I posted this, when the club is linked from another website in our case… it shows the oldest first, this is not solved.

Additionally if I follow your syntax and use I get no results.

Does this produce better search results for your matches?

  • Paul

Paul, yes this query works, which is fine for a link, but still does not solve the issue that the generic results (clicking view all while in the club page) for clubs sorts backwards.

Yes, your results are sorted oldest to newest (unlike other clubs I’ve spot-checked). The Practiscore team will have to respond to you regarding that.