Reset Account Password, and Lost Access To Clubs I Manage

I’ve been trying to access the Practiscore web site on my phone, and kept getting login errors. I reset my account password via the web site on my laptop, and now when I log in, I don’t have access to any of the clubs I manage. How can I regain access?

What club(s) should you have access to?

Caliber IDPA, County Line IDPA, and Badger IDPA (the Badger with the address in Muskego, WI with the next event scheduled on 07/17/2021).
I’m the “owner” for Caliber IDPA and County Line IDPA, and one of the Board members for Badger. Worst case, I can ask the “owner” of Badger (Jordan Anderson) to re-add me as a manager.

Any update on this? I’m still not able to manage Caliber IDPA, for which I was the only manager. On eof the other managers for County Line IDPA was able to add me as a manager, but that club shows up as a club “I help manage” instead of a club “that I manage”.

It looks like the Caliber IDPA club is under a different email address than the one you are using for this account. Do you want me to change it to this email address?

For County Line IDPA, the same email for Caliber IDPA is the “manager” of the club. I’m guessing you have two different accounts setup with different email accounts. You just need to login with your other email address.

You either manage or help manage a club, there can only be one person that “manages” the club but multiple people that “help manage” the club.

I used to use a different email address (idpa_tom at comcast dot net), but had to switch last year as Comcast was failing to deliver any emails originating from Practiscore. Tech Support at Practiscore was saying that the messages were being refused, and Comcast was saying they weren’t blocking anything. I ended up switching to a yahoo account (teutonic_night at yahoo dot com). And this is the only account that still seems to allow me to log in- I tried resetting a password for the idpa_tom account, but got an error message stating the account wasn’t found.
Anyway, yes, please change the “owner” account to [email protected] for both County Line and Caliber IDPA.