Reserving sign-up slots for Safety Officers on limited capacity match

I run an indoor IDPA match which has recently attracted a good number of new shooters which is great, but that leaves me with a problem.

With the same regular shooters showing up every month I was pretty certain that I would have enough SOs to run the match. With the influx of new shooters I’m no longer so sure as they are filling up the 16 slots pretty quickly.

I know about reserving slots in squads, but that doesn’t help me when the SO folks get waitlisted because new folks have signed up and filled the match, even though some of them can’t squad.

Is there a way to reserve sign-ups for SOs, not just squad slots?

Thanks in advance for any help.

There is not a way to reserve a slot/slots for certain people.
As the MD what I would suggest is that you reserve the slots. Then register your RO’s yourself and put them in the reserved slots.


Unfortunately, that’s not so easy to do. I don’t know in advance which of the SOs that are regulars will be coming to the match on a given month.

You can try telling all of your potential RO’s that if they want a guaranteed slot (which may include a comp’d/reduced match fee???) they need to contact you and they will be entered into a reserved slot. Other wise you can leave the slots reserved and move everyone around the day before the match.