Request to fix match result numerical ranking when viewed with a "Classes" filter

Currently when viewing match results with no filters selected (“Match”, “Overall”, Classes", etc in an IDPA example), the competitors list displays as expected in numerical order based on performance. When selecting a filter from the “Match” or “Overall” lists, the results also renumber chronologically as desired and expected. However, when selecting a filter from the “Classes” or “Categories” filter, the competitor’s rankings within that filter are not updated numerically. This seems to be a minor bug, but is there a way to have that corrected? This bug seems to persist in all of the IPDA results I have looked at.



The categories and classes always show the position overall in the match when using the new type results… This is not a bug, it’s the way it is.
If you would like to see then numerical order in those areas use the Old Style, html results.

Copy all, thanks for the quick response.