[REPOST] Match not appearing in club match results

Our last club match results were posted on the day of the match; Feb 5th. The match appears on individual shooters dashboard, but not on the club match results page. No setting were changed since last match. I tried posting the scores again, but it hasn’t worked. The match was created using the same process we’ve been using for months. It was cloned from matches that have had scores post successfully in the past

Can anyone help?


This is a repost of the original because the original was marked as Solved when it was NOT solved.

The match in question was never created on the club web page. So when it is posted it will never show up there.
Shooters have it showing up in their dashboard because it tracks them through their email. But the match has to be created and registered through the club on the website for it to show up there.
I’m a little bit curious on your need for it to show up on the club site when everybody gets to their results either by searching or through their own dashboard.

One other tidbit, We do not suggest cloning matches that are more than 2 months old as it can cause administrative problems down the road.

The match was created on the club homepage using the usual admin login. Otherwise how could any of the members viewed it or signed up for it?

I will be emailing you directly moving forward.