Registration via codes for 2 divisions - same shooter

We use codes for registrations, every shooter gets his code to register.
For my next match, we have handgun and pcc in same match…
What is the best option for online registration of same shooter, to shoot both “divisions”. He will shoot handgun in prematch, and pcc in main match, and all will have to be combined as one match but with different division scores.

When shooter gets code for registration, he logs in to website and enters code to make registration.
If I give him 2 codes, he can’t input second code as he is already registered for this match.
In theory, the shooter would need to have 2 different user accounts to input 2 codes for registration… or I would need to make registrations as 2 different matches, and then manually combine them into one match…

So what would be the best option for registration of shooter in two divisions in one match. Via codes.


Shooters will have to register twice and register for each division in their own registration form. There’s no way to register for two different divisions on the same registration form.

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I know that they can’t register twice in same form. But what is the procedure for two registrations in same match (handgun and pcc)? Using registration codes.

I’m not 100% sure but you may have to issue a second registration code for the shooters to register for a second division or just have them register (without using a registration code) and then approve them separately with or without price (depending on if you’re accepting online payments or not).

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give them 2 codes


So, the procedure goes like this:

I give them 2 codes. They use 1st code to enter match and make 1st division registration.

Then they go back to original link to registration form, where they an input 2nd code, and make 2nd division registration for same match.

Then, from their profile dashboard, they get 2 links for 2 registrations with same match name, where they can edit details if necessary.

So basically, they cannot edit both registrations at same time, they have to change match link in dashboard.

Tested, works. Solved!
Thanks to all!